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At White Ink Books, we believe in the power of compelling stories and strong literary voices. We are committed to our mission: helping talented, often-underrepresented writers publish and showcase their creative fiction and nonfiction novels. Being a small press, not a large publishing house, we are confident we can provide individual, quality, and professional publishing services, from content and copyediting all the way to printing, distributing, and publishing your completed creative work. White Ink Books is dedicated to ensuring that your work receives the individualized attention it deserves.



We are currently accepting manuscripts for fiction and nonfiction entries.

Our focus is on stories that deal with multi-cultural issues, feminism, mental health issues, and any other topic where the main character is dealing with conflicts in which they don’t feel that they or their voice is being heard.


Developmental Editing + Line Editing

This includes plot, characters, scene and setting. This type of editing will look at the story as a whole and determine what is working, what can be revised and if there are any plot holes. It also includes line editing which looks at each individual line of the text for sentence structure and flow, creative voice and use of language. Developmental editing fees are 75.00/hr


This type of editing includes punctuation, grammar, spelling and syntax. The copyeditor looks for consistency in the text and the statements. $65.00/hr

A writer should understand that Developmental Editing comes before Copyediting. Copyediting should be the last step of editing before publication. Please note that some copyediting will happen in the development stage.

Leanne Loy

Founder/Head Editor

Leanne has a BA degree in Creative Writing and an Associates degree in Liberal Arts.